Welcome to Templines

Hi.. Thanks for purchase! ! !

1 . Before creating a ticket please specify your code of the buyer (Verified Purchase).
You can find it in the account Themeforest. It will accelerate the answer on your problem.
Support is carried out 12 hours from Monday to Thursday of Moscow Time.
If you didn't receive the answer within 24 hours than write the letter on e-mail to the author of the bought item.

2 . Right after the description of a problem specify the address of your site in the Internet and all accesses to it.
It will accelerate the answer and a solution. If you made changes please create a backup.

Example administrator panel:

Example ftp accesses:

3 . You can see possibilities of a template in our demo or read in the description if you want to have additional opportunities or the help in the CMS control that it is carried out on a paid basis.
1 hour of work = 15 euro (work is made for 1 - 7 days , it is necessary to specify it in a ticket of the author) if you need something urgently work will cost 25 euro = 1 hour.
Work begins after payment of the first hour. We don't provide the help in a look SHOW ME HOW AND I WILL MAKE IT - it takes even more time! ! ! If the help doesn't occupy more 15 minutes (the task easy and there is no present problems with connection and modification) that such help you can receive free of charge but please don't forget to put a rating of stars on Themeforest.

Free Support for my items includes:
* Responding to questions or problems regarding the item and its features
* Fixing bugs and reported issues
* Providing updates to ensure compatibility with new software versions

Item free support does not include:
* Customization services
* Support for third party software and plug-ins

Saturday - Sunday weekend